Mr. Francis Lam  MB BS, MSc, MRCS(Ed), MRCS(Gl), FRCS (Tr&Orth)
Consultant Shoulder and Upper Limb Surgeon

"I have known Paul since he was a senior physiotherapist at Mount Vernon Hospital. He has helped many of my patients who are elite sports players recover fully from their injuries and return to their sports.

Paul is a dynamic, forward thinking physiotherapist who understands the needs of athletic individuals to recover quickly. Being a competitive sportsman himself, he would have either sustained the injury that you have suffered or have treated patients with this condition."

Mr David Houlihan-Burne FRCS (orth)
Consultant Orthopaedic and Trauma Surgeon Specialising in Knee Surgery

"Paul has been looking after my patients for both non-surgical treatment of sports injuries and also rehabilitation following surgery for a number of years. He has the expertise and skills to deliver high quality outcomes for my patients.

It is important for a sports injury Surgeon to have confidence in his physiotherapist to rehabilitate patients and I have complete confidence in Paul and his team to provide a high quality of care.

I have excellent feedback from my patients regarding Paul’s abilities and skills and I will continue to utilise his services for my patients."

Patient A:

Whilst training for this year’s London Marathon I picked up a painful ITB injury. I went to see Paul who quickly identified the problem and treated my leg very effectively using a hands-on approach. Paul was very positive and reassuring giving me the confidence to continue with my training and ultimately compete in the event – which I did - pain free!

Patient B:

I tried physiotherapy following surgery on both knees and this kept me going, limiting the pain, for a number of years, with the physio re-aligning my back every week and working on my knees each time problems arose. Then along came Paul.

He was not content with keeping things stable - he thought he should be able to get improvement and increased stability. Paul took a holistic approach looking to establish the cause of my recurring problems and then to take preventative steps.

Paul has worked with me for over a year and it is now very unusual for my back to be out, and the occasions that I need to use crutches are increasingly rare. He has taught me exercises to strengthen my core stability and works to reduce the muscle tension that occurs in my back due to the way I walk. The exercise and manipulation have given me increased flexibility and enabled me to carry on with life and work without constant interruption by pain.

I would recommend Paul's work to anyone who perhaps has accepted that this is as good as it gets, following surgery or perhaps as the result of a muscular neuropathy. Constant or recurrent pain is wearing and his techniques may help you to realise a better quality of life than you would have felt possible.

Patient C:

Mr Paul Gibson has made a great difference to the quality of my life over recent months. After a very complex knee operation which left me completely immobile, Paul helped me to learn how to walk again and I can now pursue an active lifestyle.

I continue to see Paul occasionally to monitor the strengthening exercises he has given me to improve my overall mobility.

I have no hesitation at all in recommending Paul to anyone seeking excellent physiotherapy treatment, advice and support.

Patient D:

Swati's initial assessment of my daughter's hypermobility was very thorough. She prescribed an achievable regime of exercise and motivated her to do it through educating my daughter about her condition and suggesting good strategies for her to record her own progress.

Follow up appointments monitored progress, reassessed and were always encouraging. Swati directed us to helpful websites and resources and liaised with my daughter's school to educate and establish needed support.

My daughter's condition has significantly improved thanks to Swati's realistic and motivational approach. I would highly recommend Swati.

Patient Ms M:

I've been having sports massage with Gemma for over 6 years. The benefit of sports massage has allowed me to train and compete in half and full marathons. She has taught me how to keep my body in peak condition. The sports massage gives my legs a new lease of life. It helps me with recovery and prevents injury. Gemma does a great job and has a very good understanding of what men and women go through.