Lower Leg

Injuries and conditions: lower leg, ankle and foot pain


Pain in the rope like structure behind the ankle caused by small tears and inflammation. Common sporting injury in sports such as tennis, running etc. Important to treat this well so the problem does not reoccur.


Pain at the base of your big toe normally caused by the toe pointing outwards. This is a wear and tear problem commonly aggravated by flat feet, muscle weakness and poor biomechanical alignment. Please see osteoarthritis below.


Tennis players, runners and other sports enthusiasts commonly suffer with this problem. It can present as a very sharp pain in the back of the lower leg or can build up over time. It is very important to get treatment quickly as they can get worse. Responds well to massage and stretches.


Otherwise known as over pronation, excessive pronation or flat feet. We assess all biomechanical alignment between the back and the foot as well as muscle weakness as these are common causes. This is usually treatable using orthotics which can give instant relief.


Most commonly found in the lower leg where the pressure in this area is too high and causes pain. Can respond well to massage, acupuncture and a good stretching programme.


Can include achilles tendonitis, plantar fasciitis, heel spur or an aggravation of the heel fat pad. It is important that we assess the problem and treat the symptoms as well as the cause (please see appropriate injury).


Pain on the underside of your heel can result from a bony growth called a heel spur. It is usually very painful and is closely related to plantar fasciitis.


Pain under the ball of your foot caused by the aggravation of a nerve between the toes. Can also give pins and needles or numbness. Aggravated by walking or running or just standing on it.


This is a fancy name for wear and tear that can happen in most of your joints, most commonly knees, hips, back, neck, shoulders and fingers. The joints become worn like a rusty chain on a bike and cause pain. Often aggravated by the cold and wet weather. Can have acute episodes of aggravation and painful swelling. Physiotherapy can be very helpful with OA using treatments such as mobilisation, exercises, acupuncture etc.


Normally very painful under the heel especially in the morning or on walking. Foot biomechanics and muscle tightness are commonly the cause and will be assessed during your first visit. Can occur in anyone from the sporty to the not so active. Responds very well to the combination of treatment that we can offer. (please see our treatments page)


This describes pain found along the front part of your lower leg. There are many causes for this varying from tight muscles, poor biomechanics to a tight nervous system. It is important to have a thorough assessment to get the correct diagnosis and treatment.


One of the most commonly injured ligaments in the body is found on the outside of the ankle. Normally swells and bruises a lot on injury. It is important to get this treated well as it is common for it to reoccur.