Mummy MOT with Ruislip Physiotherapy

Reducing Child-birth issues with the Mummy MOT

Congratulations on the arrival of your little one. Adjusting to this new phase of life, whether it's your first time or you're adding to your family, can bring challenges, especially in understanding pelvic health and musculoskeletal conditions post-childbirth – if you even find a moment to consider it.

The Mummy MOT, offered at Ruislip Physiotherapy, is a detailed assessment tailored to address concerns related to your pelvic floor and abdominal muscles, which often change after pregnancy and childbirth.

Our specialist women's health physiotherapist, Laura, conducts the Mummy MOT at Ruislip Physiotherapy. The aim is to avert long-term childbirth-related issues by pinpointing imbalances, weaknesses, or dysfunctions. The comprehensive assessment includes checking your pelvic floor muscles, screening for bladder and bowel issues, and evaluating your abdominal muscles for diastasis recti, also known as tummy gap.

Customised postnatal recovery treatments

The Mummy MOT enables our physiotherapist to devise a customised postnatal recovery plan for you. This plan might include exercises for the pelvic floor and abdomen, manual therapy, and a rehabilitation programme. The objective is to bolster your core strength and pelvic floor health, enhancing overall musculoskeletal function and reducing risks of long-term problems like incontinence, pelvic organ prolapse, and sexual dysfunction.

The Mummy MOT is invaluable after childbirth, as many women experience pain and muscle weakness, with 50% noting weakness in their tummy or pelvic floor. These issues can complicate your daily life and recovery, particularly when caring for a newborn. The Mummy MOT is designed to assist you in overcoming these challenges and safely regaining your strength.

What are the benefits of the Mummy MOT?

A significant advantage of the Mummy MOT is our specialist physiotherapist's expert, personalised advice. This includes tailored exercise recommendations and strategies to manage your symptoms and regain fitness, which is essential for navigating your postnatal recovery.

Additionally, the Mummy MOT offers reassurance and a clearer understanding of your postnatal health, guiding you towards effective recovery and managing any complications.

Your pelvic floor health is crucial, especially post-childbirth. These muscles support your pelvic organs, control bladder and bowel function, and promote sexual health. Often weakened during pregnancy and childbirth, this can lead to issues like incontinence, pain, and prolapse. During the Mummy MOT, you will receive guidance on pelvic floor exercises to enhance and maintain strength.

If you're experiencing issues like urinary incontinence or other pelvic floor challenges, our Women’s Health Physiotherapist at Ruislip Physiotherapy can significantly improve your quality of life. Take the first step in regaining control of your pelvic floor health.

Please visit our Women's Health Physiotherapy page for further information on women's health and post-pregnancy conditions.

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Post-pregnancy, many women deal with weakened tummy muscles and poor core strength. A common issue is diastasis recti, where the abdominal muscles separate, leaving a gap. Our postnatal physiotherapy rehabilitates these muscles, enhances core strength, and reduces associated symptoms.

At Ruislip Physiotherapy, our postnatal physiotherapy plays a crucial role in your recovery, addressing abdominal and pelvic floor muscle issues after childbirth. The Mummy MOT conducted by our in-house women's health physiotherapist offers a tailored and holistic treatment plan for muscle improvement and strengthening.

The initial one-hour Mummy MOT assessment at Ruislip Physiotherapy involves a comprehensive evaluation by our specialist physiotherapist, who will develop a personalised rehabilitation plan for your postnatal needs. This includes a postural exam, an examination of your pelvic floor and abdominal muscles, and checks for diastasis recti.

Booking your Mummy MOT is essential for postnatal care and rehabilitation. It addresses critical issues like pelvic floor weakness, abdominal muscle separation, and pelvic pain, enhancing your physical well-being and overall quality of life.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the Mummy MOT designed for?

The Mummy MOT is suitable for all women post-childbirth, from 6 weeks to several years postnatal. It offers an opportunity to understand your body better and address discomfort or imbalance.

What can I expect after treatment?

After the Mummy MOT assessment, you'll receive a comprehensive recovery plan, including exercises, follow-up appointments, and possible alternative treatments.

How do I book an appointment?

To book a Mummy MOT at Ruislip Physiotherapy, contact our team at (01895) 638841. Our therapists will assist you with booking and answer any further queries.

Can I have the Mummy MOT if I had a caesarean?

Regardless of whether you had a vaginal delivery or a caesarean, the Mummy MOT's comprehensive assessment and recovery plan are beneficial for your post-childbirth body.

Where did you train to offer this treatment?

Laura, our Mummy MOT specialist, received training from The Mummy MOT specialist practitioners. For more information, please visit their website.