Spinal Exercise Videos

The information in these videos are general in nature and not patient or injury specific. If you require any individual advice, please consult your therapist.

Crook lying thoracic spine mobilisation
Child's Pose Exercise
Seated Thoracic Mobilisation Exercise
Bird Dog Exercise
Dead Bug Exercise
Standing Roll Down Exercise
Seated Roll Down Exercise
Pelvic Tilting in Sitting Exercise
Pelvic Tilting in Crook Lying Exercise
Pelvic Tilting in Standing Exercise
Neck Side Flexion Exercise
Neck Rotation Exercise
Lumbar spine extension in standing Exercise
Lumbar extension in lying position Exercise
Lumbar Rotation in Crook Lying Exercise
Deep Neck Flexors in sitting Exercise
Contraction transverse abdominis in a lying position Exercise
Contracting transverse abdominis in a standing position Exercise
Hip flexion in crook lying Exercise