Swimming Specific Exercises

These exercises could be used to help improve your swimming performance by working on the strength and control of muscles needed to enhance your swimming stroke.

Prone Single Arm Pull
High Plank Tricep Kick Back
Prone Bilateral Swimmers
Prone Weighted Bilateral Swimmers
High Plank Hold with Leg Lifts on Gym Ball
High Plank Walk Outs
High Plank Walk Ups
Arms only Superman in High Plank
Prone Swimmers Alternate Arm and Leg Flutters
Prone Alternate Arm Catch Up Swimmers
Prone Alternate Arm Swimmers
Hamstring Tantrum Bridge on Gym Ball
Anterior Chain Tantrum in High Plank
Superman in High Plank
Sword Drawer
Shoulder Internal Rotation In Abduction Unsupported
External Rotation in Abduction Unsupported
Short to Long Lever Flexion with External Rotation