Women's Health Physiotherapy

Stress incontinence

Loss of urine during physical exertion, e.g. sneezing, running, coughing. Can be caused by pelvic floor weakness.

  • Treatment: pelvic floor exercises, bladder diary and training, advice on diet and fluid intake
Urge incontinence

A sudden need to go to the toilet immediately and if you do not then your urine may leak.

  • Treatment: pelvic floor exercises, deferment strategies, bladder diary and training, advice on diet and fluid intake
Rectus abdominus divarication

Separation of the two rectus abdominus muscles. Can occur after pregnancy.

  • Treatment: Gradual exercise progression of rectus abdominus and attention on the oblique's and transverse abdominus, provision of belt or tubigrip, advice on lifting and posture
Pregnancy related pelvic girdle pain

Also known as SYMPHYSIS PUBIS DYSFUNCTION (SPD). Pain in the joints that make up your pelvic girdle including the symphysis pubis joint and sacroiliac joints. Discomfort can be felt over the pubic bone at the front, across the lower back or under the tummy. A common condition in pregnancy.

  • Treatment: gentle manual therapy, provision of support belt, crutches if needed, advice on position of ease and positions to avoid

Women's Health Acupuncture

Myofascial pain and pelvic pain
Bladder frequency and urgency
Menopause and anxiety management